Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Mindset of College Freshmen

Ron Nief, Tom McBride and Charles Westerberg are the creators of the Beloit College Mindset List.  The first mindset list was published for the graduating class of 2002 putting the first list at 1997.
The purpose of the mindset list was designed to help educators and counselors understand the upcoming generation and become a basis for one on one chats, classroom discussions and even personal essays.
Students heading into their first year of college this year are mostly 18 and were born in 1997.  Among those who have never been alive in their lifetimes are Princess Diana, Notorious B.I.G., Jacques Cousteau, and Mother Teresa.
Joining them in the world the year they were born were Dolly the sheep, the McCaughey septuplets, and Michael “Prince” Jackson, Jr.
Since they have been on the planet: (I have chosen 10 out of 50 descriptors from the list)
 (1) Hybrid automobiles have always been mass produced. 
(2) Google has always been there, in its founding words ’to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.’
 (3) They have never licked a postage stamp. 
(4) Hong Kong has always been under Chinese rule.
 (5) They have grown up treating WI-FI as an entitlement. 
(6) Their parents have gone from encouraging them to use the internet to begging them to get off it. 
(7) The Lion King has always been on Broadway. 
(8) TV has always been in such high definition that they could see the pores of actors and grimaces of quarterbacks. 
(9) Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith have always been “Men in Black”, not their next door neighbors. 
(10) Surgeons have always used ‘super glue’ in the operating room.
To test your knowledge of the 2015 Freshmen Class or the 2019 list, see if you know these expressions used by them:
Redneck Teleprompter
Smartphone Shuffles

I hope this review will enable you to understand the next generation a little better and encourage you to remember we live in constant cultural change.


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