Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Paul, A Barnabas, and a Timothy

I can picture my favorite professor in seminary whom we nicknamed, Prof, saying "Gentleman, every one of you always needs a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy in your life." Little did I realize at the time how true that statement really is.

Every one of us needs a Paul - someone who is mature in the faith investing in our lives. Someone who is teaching us the ins and outs of living the Christian faith.

We also need a Barnabas - someone who constantly encourages us and stands by us through the failures, hardships, and difficulties of the Christian experience.

And, of course, we need a Timothy - someone we are investing in and helping develop their Christian walk.

God has always provided each of these three kinds of people in my life since I was in grade school. But I talk with a lot of you who haven't been as fortunate. Ask most people, "Who is your Paul? Who is your Barnabas? Who is your Timothy?" You get blank stares and many claim they just don't know where to start.

Here's how you start: First, pray that God would bring these kinds of people into your life. Second, cultivate these qualities in yourself. To have a Paul, become like Paul - mature in your faith. To have a Barnabas, be an encourager. To have a Timothy, be faithful, be available and be teachable. Third, get involved in First Free's Five Years of Focus. Become part of our disciples making disciples ministry. Help us train the next generation and pass the baton to them. Ask someone to be a Paul to you and serve our community together. If you need additional help, call me.

Who is your Paul? Whom are you a Paul to?
Who is your Barnabas? To whom are you a Barnabas?
Who is your Timothy? Who can become a Timothy to you?


P.S. Ever wrestle with what God's will is for you? Does God's will seem mystical to you? Need some help with decisions in your life? Come to the 9:00 or 10:30am service this Sunday as we address some of these things. Oh, and bring a friend with you.

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