Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is Busyness the Same as Effectiveness?

Freshly Bru'd is designed to let you know what I am thinking, reading or questioning during the week. This week is one of those questioning times.

I really have two questions. First of all: when it comes to discipleship, does busyness equal effectiveness? I think not. If that is the case, why is church so busy? We love to boast about what we are doing. We are proud of "all we offer". I heard of one church who has 152 ministries for you and your family. I'm exhausted just thinking about that.

But do these offerings lead to where the people need to be spiritually? Do they move or advance us or just maintain where we already are?

Before you know it, if a church is not careful, to meet the needs of people, it will have its calendar stuffed with dozens of programs offered every day of the week. If we're honest, many of us would believe if this program or that program was making a big difference in the world. Instead of programs, maybe we should think in terms of steps. Maybe we should ask, "How do I move to where I need to be spiritually?"

My second question is: could church busyness actually be hindering the movement of God in our world? Is not the essence of following Jesus leaving the church and going out into the world and being a 'friend of sinners'?

When Jesus said "Go" he added "into the world". He didn't say "Go to the church". How can we make disciples of all peoples if we're down at the church building every day surrounded by other Christians?

Maybe we need to rethink what we think discipleship means. It's not church busyness rather "going" into our sphere of influence and proclaiming, living, and challenging people to follow Jesus.

God Bless,

P.S. We continue on with our new series "Getting from Here to There" this Sunday and will learn "When Walls Need to Fall." Our focus will primarily be in Joshua 6; see you at either our 9am or 10:30am service!

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