Thursday, November 14, 2013

A few challenging thoughts

This week's Freshly Bru'd is going to challenge you, I hope. It is also going to cause some of you to question my spirituality. 
I have observed over the years of ministry that many Christians are thrilled about Bible study, but less thrilled about fellow believers, reaching the lost, and even prayer. It causes me to ask an honest question, "Can Bible study actually become a diversion to spiritual growth?" Now, before you write me off, let me remind you "knowledge puffs up, but love builds up." (1 Corinthians 8:1)
Is it possible to be so prideful about what I am learning in my Bible study that it becomes more important than practicing what I am learning? I think so.
How do I know when Bible study has become spiritually diverting to my walk? Here are a few thoughts to get you thinking...

*I am more interested in Bible study than in my fellow believers and living in community with them. I'm not suggesting you neglect Bible study, but rather evaluate it to see if study is causing you to neglect other things.

*I feel like prayer requests and sharing life wastes precious Bible study time. Remember our knowledge of the Bible should deepen our love for God and for each other!

*I can recite passages I never intend to obey. One of my professors used to say "Most Christians are already educated beyond their level of obedience."

*I substitute Bible knowledge for faith. Often our excuse for not acting is that we don't know enough. "I can't witness to my neighbor. I don't know enough answers." Yet, we know Jesus, isn't He our answer? Salvation is by grace through faith - not how much knowledge a person has.

*Do I love God's word more than I actually love God? We can learn His commands, yet not obey them. We can memorize verses, yet do we go to those lengths to help others? Yes, we should turn to God's word for comfort. But more importantly, we should turn to God. The word of God is active, not passive. Our worship belongs to God, not to His word.
Just some food for thought.
P.S. This week is the 1st Annual Q&A message with the Pastors and Directors of First Free Church. We will answer your Bible questions and have some fun along the way. Worship is at 9:00 & 10:30am.

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