Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are you living your life on mission? By mission I mean living out values like engaging in conversation with your neighbors, connecting with others, developing a deeper experience of God’s leading, growing in a stronger understanding of the Gospel, and discovering a framework for identifying ourselves as missionaries.
To live life on mission, I have been sharing with you five habits taken from Michael Frost’s book, “The Five Habits of Highly Missional People.”
Habit #1 – Bless – I will bless three people this week, at least one of whom is unchurched.
Habit #2 – Eat – I will eat with three people this week, at least one of whom is unchurched.
Habit #3 – Listen – I will spend at least one period of the week listening for the Spirit’s voice.
Habit #4 – Learning – I will spend at least one period of the week learning Christ.
Let me suggest that you add an intensive study time to your devotional schedule by studying the Gospels. Read and re-read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Take time to read a Gospel at one sitting. Mark takes 90 minutes. John takes a couple hours. Matthew and Luke are about 2.5 hours each. Reading at one sitting helps you connect the broad themes of Jesus’ life.
Second, read about Jesus. Here would be my recommendations:
The Challenge of Jesus by N.T. Wright
Jesus According to Scripture by Darrell Bock
The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey
Third, further viewing. The Passion of Christ (2004) is a powerful depiction of the suffering of Christ. The Bible series by Mark Burnett now in theaters entitled Son of God is very good as well.
Through Bible study, theological reading, and even viewing of films, we slowly but surely orient our lives towards the things of Christ, and we become deeply familiar with His story so we can share it whenever anyone asks us for the reason, for the hope we have in Him.
Learning with you,
P.S. Why not just walk across the room/street/classroom and start a relationship with a coworker/neighbor/classmate? This Sunday we will provide you encouragement and help to do just that - walk across the room. See you at 9:00 or 10:30am!

*Oh, and don't forget to Spring forward and set your clocks an hour ahead this weekend!

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