Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Election Day Cometh

During this pivotal year of electing the next President of the United States, we need to be wise with our words and actions. These are serious times. It is in the air. We sense it, feel it, and know it in our heart. I believe much is at stake. To me this is unquestionable and undeniable. Yet, it may do well for each of us to remember a few things during the election process.

1.Keep everything in perspective.
  • God is sovereign over all human affairs. Regardless of who wins the nomination of your preferred party or wins the election, God is ultimately in charge. I am not advocating passivism, I am calling for each person at First Free to keep everything in perspective. Our hope and trust is ultimately in the Lord.
2.Be involved in the process.
  • America cannot afford us to stay home. I am deeply convicted that each Christ-follower needs to be involved in the processes of electing our next president. We need to know about the candidates, understand what they believe, measure it by the word of God, and vote as we believe God is leading us. Please be involved in the process of electing our next President.
3.Watch what you say and how you say it.
  • People are watching and listening. You represent our Lord everywhere, so we need to live up to this wisely. Do not lose your testimony and influence with others for the sake of pontification, as if you are trying to win an argument or promote your preferred persuasion.
  • Be wise with your words and gentle in spirit. At First Free, we have people from all backgrounds with all kinds of opinions. God calls us to be patient, understanding, and loving to those who might differ in their opinions from us. We must honor that.
  • Furthermore, the IRS continues to make it clear that political campaign intervention by 501(c) 3 organizations including churches is absolutely prohibited. It is important for us to understand the role of the government in our lives and subject ourselves to it. (Read Romans 13:1-7)
4.Pray for God to raise up His next leader for our nation.
  • Daniel 2:21 says ‘He changes times and seasons; he disposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.’ God does have a will for our nation and He has the power to raise up whomever He desires to lead our nation.
Our role is to pray for God to raise up His next leader for our nation, get involved in the election process (using the Bible as the grid in understanding and evaluating the issues), and trust the Lord, who is sovereign over all affairs.

P.S. When you hear the word ‘worship’ what do you think of? What if I told you worship happens every second of every day? Worship happens at home, work, school, and prayer. Would you believe that idea? This week we are discovering the cure for putting first things first and we will answer these questions. Join us this Sunday and bring a friend at 9:15 or 11:00 am.

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