Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bucket List from a Different Perspective

I read a blog this week that is so good I have to pass it on to each of you. It is the blog of James Emery White, Founding and Senior Pastor of Meckleburg Community Church in Charlotte, NC.

He read a book entitled, "The Before You're Forty Bucket List." This book is about the things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." The book prompted him to come up with a bucket list for followers of Christ. This bucket list matters because of the eternal value.

I was so moved by his list that I am going to implement these things in my life before I "kick the bucket." Would you be willing to join the adventure with me?

1. Build a relationship with a non-Christian and share your faith in Christ.

2. Trust God financially in terms of giving.

3. Take at least one bungee-jump of faith related to obedience.

4. Love someone to the point of sacrifice.

5. Discover your spiritual gift(s) and serve accordingly.

6. Make one spiritual pilgrimage (see A Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom, InterVarsity Press, for some ideas).

7. Read the Bible in its entirety.

8. Mentor someone new to the faith.

9. Find a church home and invest yourself in its community and mission.

10. Serve the poorest of the poor.

James Emery White concludes "if I can have those ten things crossed would have been a good and God-honoring life."

P.S. Have you ever been sideswiped, hit with a crisis out of the blue? If you have ever had things blow up before your eyes in terms of living your life, you won't want to miss Sunday's message at 9:00am or 10:30am!

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