Thursday, October 24, 2013

Practical, Fun Outreach Ideas

Cindy and I are making a more concerted effort to build relationships with our neighbors. We decided to have several of them over to our house for dinner and games. We then want to do acts of kindness for them and genuinely let them know they are important to us.

I came across a recent article by Mark Howell on ten ways to connect with your neighbors. May I encourage you to implement several of these as you reach out to your neighbors and invest in them:

  1. Movie night outside for kids and families. Pick the right movie, circle up in lawn chairs, and bring the popcorn.
  2. Drop in for waffles and bacon on a Saturday morning. Borrow some waffle irons, add some blueberries and make it fun.
  3. Invite neighbors over for a potluck theme dinner night (Italian, Mexican, etc.). Go all out with music, decorations, and even attire.
  4. Garage sale for a local cause. Be ready to talk about why you are doing it.
  5. Pull a fire pit onto your driveway. Bring out the patio furniture and offer warm cider and s'mores to neighbors passing by. If your neighborhood is like mine, have plenty of doggie treats for the pets.
  6. Chili cook-off. No better time to host a chili cook-off complete with judges (I'll volunteer to judge), prizes and Tums.
  7. Block party cookout. Roll the grills into the cul de sac and bring the lawn chairs. Do it right and it can become an annual event.
  8. The big game on the big screen. Plan a party for those who don't have season tickets. Make it fun for the whole family.
  9. Game night with Pizazz, Banco, Bridge, Pictionary, etc. There's a way to do this that's even more fun - think tournament. Have goofy prizes for the winners. Oh, and Mr. Microphone adds another level of enthusiasm.
  10. Since it's Halloween, join in the fun. Safe Halloween fun. No tracts please! Just the best candy and friendliest people on the block.
Have fun and get to know your neighbors!


P.S. Have you been in a conflict lately? How did you respond? Was it resolved? If you want to learn some practical skills concerning conflict, don't miss this Sunday!

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