Thursday, April 3, 2014

Disappointments: Has God failed you?

Disappointments come in all shapes and sizes. You know the disappointment of not making the team or a musical group. Some know the disappointment of not being hired for a certain job. Others have had a dream shattered or plans changed.
I’m sure Abraham was disappointed in the behavior of his nephew Lot. Joseph was disappointed in the treatment he received from his brothers. The heart of Moses surely was broken again and again because of the sins of the nation of Israel. King David had great plans for his family, yet some of his sons were so sinful they almost wrecked the nation. Paul had disappointments when some of his helpers failed him and deserted him.

Jeremiah knew a lifelong list of disappointments, suffering, unanswered prayers, rejection by people, family turned against him, overrun by his enemies. You talk about disappointment and a broken heart-Jeremiah is the poster child for such things.

He wrote in Jeremiah 10:19 “Woe is me, because of my injury! My wound is incurable. But I said truly this is a sickness and I must bear it.” This verse teaches us a couple of very important principles. First, expect disappointments. Life is not always going to be sunny and clear. There will be days and perhaps weeks when life is stormy and dark. Everyone will have their share of disappointments. The Lord never promises us an easy life, so expect disappointments.

Second, our disappointments are in the hands of God. God knows what is happening. God is in control and He was ruling over Jeremiah’s life and is ruling over your life.

When disappointments come (and they will) don’t let the enemy say “God has failed you.” Disappointments are His appointments. It takes faith to believe and rest upon that truth, but it is true-God is still on the throne and He is going to accomplish His wonderful purpose in our lives-if we let Him.

If you fight circumstances and become bitter, then God cannot accomplish in us and through us all that He has in mind. If we yield and trust Him to do what is best, then all things will work together for your good. (Read Romans 8:28)

Jeremiah did not blame God, try to pass the buck, fight circumstances, or try to change God’s mind. He accepted by faith the burden of his grief, and he trusted God to work out His perfect will. And so should you. Yield to God today and let him do His perfect work in you.

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