Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Miracles of Easter

In preparation for Easter, I have been reading from the gospel accounts those events that transpired during Jesus’ last week leading up to the resurrection.
I had forgotten many of those miracles that occurred during his crucifixion and resurrection. Since I had forgotten them, I thought maybe you have too. I am listing six miracles, the scripture references, and the significance of each one. My encouragement to you is to spend some time this week interacting with each miracle and growing in appreciation for what they represent to your own anticipated resurrection.

The Miracle: The miraculous darkness
The Scripture: Luke 23:44-45
The Significance: Symbolizes the inconceivable suffering of Jesus. God is light, sin is darkness and Jesus is paying for our darkness.

The Miracle: The tearing of the temple curtain
The Scripture: Matthew 27:51
The Significance: Jesus was torn completely so that through His sacrifice we might come immediately into God’s presence.

The Miracle: The miraculous earthquake
The Scripture: Matthew 27:51
The Significance: It is the reaction of physical creation to the work of redemption. Creation had been effected by His victory.

The Miracle: The miracle of the open graves
The Scripture: Matthew 27:52
The Significance: His death destroyed the power of death.

The Miracle: The undisturbed grave clothes of Christ
The Scripture: John 20:6-8
The Significance: Jesus’ body was gone but it was not removed by human intervention.

The Miracle: Revivals to life in the graveyard
The Scripture: Matthew 27:52-53
The Significance: Jesus’ resurrection assures the saints' resurrection into life.

Enjoy the miracles of Easter!

P.S. Have you ever doubted the reality of something? Have you ever questioned if something is really true? Thomas, one of the disciples did. His doubt led him to faith. Come and join us on Easter morning at 9:00am or 10:30am to discover how doubts can lead us to faith. Bring a friend with you!

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