Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Does First Free need to go on a diet?

Most churches – more than eight out of ten – are busy, too busy.  These churches need to slim down their plethora of programs, activities, and ministries.  They need to go on a ‘busyness diet.’  How about First Free?  Do you think we need to go on a ‘busyness diet?’
Too many of us equate activities (and I’m talking about good activities) in the church with godliness or ministry fruitfulness.  Did you realize that some of the busiest churches actually diminish discipleship fruitfulness?
Studies report that the average church attender will give to their church two slots of time a week.  Yet so many churches ask for 6-10 slots a week.  Now, of course there are always exceptions.  Stay at home moms and retired folks will give you three slots.  Ministry fanatics will give you four or more, but the average attender will give you two slots.
How many slots do you believe First Free requires of you each week?  If you answered over two slots, then maybe it’s time for us to pursue the ‘busyness diet.’
Reasons for the ‘busyness diet’ are many, but here are a few I will share with you.  First, excessive activities can actually preclude members from growing spiritually. (They are so busy, they don’t have time to read the Bible.)
 Second, a church that is too busy rarely evaluates the effectiveness of its activities.
Third, activity-focused churches are often not in "world" focus. (Is First Free getting out into our community?)
Fourth, a busy church can hurt families.  (We have too many activities for children, students and adults; therefore, the family has no time left to be together.)
Fifth, activity-focused churches can cause member burnout.  Burnout usually leads to dropout.
Sixth, it is difficult to do a few things well when a church does too many things. (we have got to narrow the focus.)
Seventh, busy churches often lack vision clarity. (Too many directions leave members with confusion about priority.)
Let me know what you think.  Does First Free need to go on a ‘busyness diet?’ Diets are usually not pleasant but necessary for health.


P.S. God changes us from the inside out.  This week we will witness and hear how He did this in the lives of three individuals.  We will also discover some ways to get God’s Truth in our lives.  See you at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. worship.

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