Thursday, May 4, 2017

25 Things People want from Church

In this edition of Freshly Bru’d, I am listing 25 things people want from their church services. Would you take the time to read all 25 and see if you agree? These 25 come from surveys and conversations of hundreds of Sunday church attendees. These things should remind you of how much effort, planning, and prayer goes into the execution of our worship services.

  1. I want to leave a church service with a sense of awe, which only comes from not knowing what God will do next.
  2. I want to remember key details of the message the following Thursday. (This is why we provide sermon notes and utilize The You Version Bible app.)
  3. I want to experience something supernatural.
  4. I want my emotions moved.
  5. I want to experience joy.
  6. I want to be moved to tears.
  7. I want to be inspired.
  8. I want to be surprised.
  9. I want to be challenged.
  10. I want to be motivated.
  11. I want to walk away with a sense of hope.
  12. I want to feel energy from those on the platform.
  13. I want to walk away with something applicable, a key point.
  14. I want to meet some nice people.
  15. I want content that engages my mind and makes me think.
  16. I want to give my church my time and money. I really do.
  17. I want a sense of community.
  18. I want a musical experience that is engaging, powerful, and Christ-centered.
  19. I want to emulate the lives of those on the platform.
  20. I want opportunities presented in the service to serve after the service.
  21. I want to be convicted to repent.
  22. I want to laugh.
  23. I want to celebrate what God is doing in my life and the lives of others.
  24. I want excellence.
  25. I want to feel like I am part of a movement.
I’d like to add another one for good measure: I want to be changed. I want to walk out different from when I walked in.

What do you think? Do you have some of your own wants to add to the list?


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